A beautiful girl is walking towards you. Why? Could you guess what she wants from you?

There is a missed call and your caller ID says, “Unknown”. Who can that be? Why there is no number?

Its middle of the night and there is a bang on your door. Who can that be?  May be, its…. or may be, its….

What’s the first thought that comes in your mind. Your first  thought to any sudden event shows how is your brain wired for that event. Its amazing to see how different people react to different things. Each one of us has a different wiring. 

A beautiful girl is walking towards you, why?

 What me?

I once asked this question to a couple of guys, why would a beautiful walk towards them. Most common response was may be she is going to ask for directions, or may be she will ask for time. What surprised me was the response we got from security guard of our office building. “She likes me, so she wants to chat with me, you know, girls do that.” he said.

I am curious! Why do girls come to chat with him while all they ask me is, “Do you have time on you?”

Or may be time is just an excuse.


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I create my reality

September 7, 2006

I found the words I hear, coming out of my own mouth or that of others, have huge impact on my destiny.

Does it matter what happens to me? or does it matter how I react to whatever happens to me?

Do I create my own reality? What is my reality?

My reality is both outside and inside of my being.

“Do you know, when you were kissing that beautiful girl, a child was dying due to hunger somewhere in Africa.” Now knowing this fact would make the whole experience of a kiss totally different.

What if, we care about our words when we speak. What if, our success and failure is determined by our attitude, and our attitude is determined by who we are and who we are surrounded by.

You create your own reality.


Stories that we heard

August 31, 2006

Aladdin, Tarzan or Ali Baba; stories that we heard as children. So what happens to these stories when we grow old.

They are filed very nicely into our thinking, sometimes as suggestions, other times as the guideline. So every new situation goes through these gatekeepers of our being.

No wonder we can find a common behaviour threads in a community. Mostly communities are build around stories, myths, behaviours, codes, rules and rituals. Stories that we learned could give us great wisdom. Stories of the past can help us live our present.

Stories of past can also limit us. Here is an exercise, a mental exercise, do it alone. Think of a great story that you heard, say a religious story or a country story, and then imagine a major turning point of the story. Now change the turning point to a totally opposite ending. If the hero lives in original story, then kill him in your imaginary version. If he does not get the girl, give poor guy a break and girl too. Now be a time traveler. Travel to the future, see the impact of that story on your life. Does it change something? May be a perception, may be a angry feeling, may be a new feeling of hatred, or something else. Try this with most important stories of your life.

We are impacted by these stories of the past. Our future will be impacted by stories we hear today. So what’s your story.